Comments and Testimonials

“Kevin, Thank you for doing everything that you do and for being such a wonderful technician. Your expertise and attention to detail have completely changed the way we do dentistry.” – Dr. J. M.

Referral – Dr. J. Jones

“The quality of your work is the best I have ever had in dentistry, and I am so grateful!” – Dr. D. S.

“Fit and finish was great! Nice work…”  – Dr. P. B.

“Your work is beautiful, and your attention to detail is remarkable! – Dr. M. D.

“Thanks for your help and advice with this difficult case. The patient was happy and it worked out well!” – T. A.

“Beautiful work! You truly are an artist!” – Dr. W. E.

“Nice work!” – Dr. J. J.

“Looked great and the patient was pleased!” – Dr. N. V

“The patient was delighted and so was I!” – Dr. D.S.

“To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to help introduce you to Kevin Rehorn. Kevin was a welcomed asset here at Highland for the year and a half he worked for us. His skills as a Crown & Bridge technician are exemplary. His experience, technique and attention to detail was always at the forefront of anything he did. Whatever he undertook, whether it be layering porcelain, waxing, metal finishing, or any other task he approached it with professionalism and always with the patient’s needs in mind. His care for the patient is always evident in his work.

Kevin also strived to continue his education. Even with his vast experience he continually sought out information on new techniques and technology. If you weren’t sure on specifications on something or unclear on a certain technique, he was the one to go to for the answers. If he didn’t know them he would
find out and relished in the discovery process.

While highlighting Kevin’s professional accomplishments I cannot overlook Kevin the person. He is a kind,caring individual who always keeps others in mind. He and his wife Debbie are two of the nicest people you will ever meet and both share a great love for others in their lives. Kevin is the person you know will remember your name, the things you like, and will follow along with you in your life while sharing his as well. These are the kind of people you want to be around.

Business decisions are sometimes hard, and it was with much consternation that we parted ways with Kevin. This parting in no way should reflect on Kevin’s abilities nor the great person that he is. In hiring Kevin you will be getting an extremely talented technician who loves his work and will garner fans among your doctors and help your business grow. I urge you to consider him for your needs.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you for your attention.”


Matthew Neighbors
Owner, Highland Dental Lab
2732 Vassar NE
Albuquerque. NM 87107


Hi Kevin, you can quote me anywhere you want with this.

Bob Wartell (DDS)

One Visit Crowns and Onlays
I have purchased the CEREC CAD-CAM crown machine, and attempted to use it for my patients. My goal was to save patients from having to come in for a second appointment, and to lower my laboratory cost for providing crowns. After several months of taking seminars and learning to use the CEREC, I came to the realization that the CEREC single-visit crowns I was able to make were not as strong, did not fit as well, and did not look as natural as those that a good laboratory technician is able to provide for my patients. I was very disappointed by this, and thought that if I learned more about using the CEREC system, the results would be satisfactory.
To improve my skill at making CEREC crowns, I attended even more seminars. At one of these, a 2 day, hands-on training, the instructors told me I was the I was better at designing crowns using the CEREC software than any other dentist they had taught. I even spent a day observing at the office of a dentist in Arizona who told me he had made 6,500 CEREC restorations for patients. During that day he confided to me that if he were making a crown for his wife, and it was in an area that was visible in her smile, he would have it made at a custom laboratory using traditional techniques. But the CEREC crowns were good enough for his ordinary patients. I do not have two classes of patients. Every patient in my office deserves what I would do for my wife, and CEREC is not good enough for her.
Since then, I have seen many CEREC restorations in the teeth of patients new to my practice. Most of them are totally unacceptable. If they were made by a dental school student, instructors would not permit them to be placed in the mouth. My supposition is that the dentists who made these restorations did not have the time to make them fit properly, and under time pressure, elected to cement them onto the teeth.
I can offer crowns made of all materials – all ceramic with no metal, ceramic supported by metal, and all gold. The choice will be made by what is best for each patient, for a combination of health, esthetics, and durability, as well as patient desire. The crowns are made by excellent technicians, using the highest quality materials. There are no shortcuts and no compromises. You will receive what my wife would receive, the best that I am able to do.
We enjoy answering your questions. For more information,
please call us at 505-474-4644
Center For Dental Medicine
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Santa Fe, NM 87505